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Smokin' Herb "Live" Pix

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Jimi Pocius

Smokin' Herb....by Bob Beck

SH Logo by Suzi B Honey

All the Following Pics were taken by Sue Madera, our ever loving Manager..Thanks, Suzi!!!
After 16 double shots of Jaegermeister with the Savage Nomads M.C....Taught me sobriety!!
Thanks my brothers...Maad Love..
Pete and Bob Laramie the day after I fired Herb
Smokin' Herb Lester, In the Flesh...All 5'2 of him...
Dean Sypher, Bass Guitar...
Dave Bertok
Deano and Jimi Live at the GreenLeaf Cafe
Peet and Deano
the Bloominator spanks it...
Peet and Herb
Dean and Jimi @ Dave's Last Gig..
Herb wondering if he's important...
Jimi Wailing
Pete Soloing
Dave at a Local Bike Club party
Patti Tuitte Belts Out the Blues
Yours Truly
Tim Goodhall on the Mississippi Saxophone
Herb Wanks ever onward...
Deano takes a Bass Solo
Dave, seen from My side of the stage..
Peet's Last Drunk...
That Gitarr done said WHAT?!?!?!?...Meet The Talkbox
Jimi Solos
Jimi works up a Sweat..
Jimi Soloing
the Tube Guru
Peet Nails a g Chord...Herb skulks in the background
Dave Bertok....Drummer Extraordinaire
I'm just Lookin For The Bridge...
Peet and 'Erb
Pink: hey! Teacher! Leave them Kids Alone!
Dave and Dean solo during Voodoo Chile slight return @ AJ's Getaway
Spotlight on Peet
Patti and Mike sit in
Patti and Mike sit in ....Mikey Testifies...
SH with Favio
Peet Reilly
Dean Bachmacher Sypher
Preaching the Blues...
Pete Plays Rock Star....check out that David Gilmour face, lol,...
Smokin' Herb Live at AJ's Getaway..
Jimi wailing
Sh Live in Hartford, CT
Boogie, Chillen...
Jimi and Dave
Rick LaPenta
Jimi and Bob Laramie in East Hartford
Sh Live
Peet sings Rocky Mountain Way

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