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Jimi Pocius

Smokin' Herb

Sue puts a note on my pedalboard...TURN THE FUCK DOWN!!!
Jimi at Savage Nomads party
At AJ's
No Peeking!
Original Recipe
Original Recipe 2
Original Recipe 3
Mach 1
Billy,Road Crew Chief
Nice Suspenders....
The Wor'd's Greatest Drummer
Smokin' Herb Lester
Wasted, Duuuuuuuuuude.....
Note the double shot of Jaeger in the background....yikes!!!!
Belting it out
At AJ's Getaway
Been a long time since I walked in the Moon Light...
Our Manager, Suzi with a club owner...
Suzi's B-Day
Suzi and Pink
SH Mach 2 Rythym Section
SH in Hartford, CT
At AJ's
Suzi's B-Day in Hartford...
Dave Bertok....Drummer Extraordinaire..
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