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Jimi Pocius

My Gear

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What the F*** IS this thing???Tele CustomJay Turser 134dc
Gibson SGIt's A Bust!!!
Home brew TalkboxWTF # 2...Any ideas??
Dano Longhorn BassEpi Les Paul Standard Quilt Top
Wiggle StickSynth Rack Detail shot 2
1968 Harmony H75 under restoration..Thanks to AeromeccaHome Studio ME5
Fender StratCenter of my live pedalboard
Whole Live RigSome of my guitars
Hot Rod DirtyBAD!! Fender Princeton ReverbPrinceton Back
ME5 and Danos from live pedalboardLive Guitar and Synth Stereo Rack Rig
Tube Guru  by Mike Bloomer
Tube Guru Back
Desktop...Roland GR1 Guitar Synth, Korg Ampworks, Behringer Mixer
Guitar Rack
Market Electronics EchoplexLuetta, a 1966 Gibson Firebird
Moog Micromoog
Princeton Control Panel Detail
Closer on Guitar Rack
Closeup: synth rack
Detail of Synth Rack
Roland FC200 Guitar Rack Midi Controller
Synths Detail
Behringer FCB1010, Synth Rack Midi Controller
Left of my Live Pedalboard
messy, messy, home studio desktop
Synth Rack Left Deet
Marshall 9001 Tube Guitar Preamp and PS Systems Power Tool
Home brew a/b/y box
Danelectro Mini Pedals and Pedalboard
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