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Colleen K's Excellent Yahoo GroupStateYourCause

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The Alliance for the Separation of School and State ....Thanks Margi C.!

Captain John J. McCarty, Jr. ....a REAL american hero
Very Pissed Off Combat Veterans --- And Blueprints For Change By John McCarthy

John J. McCarthy Jr.

(An Excerpt from his web page..)

is proud to present the story of U.S. Army Special Forces Captain John J. McCarthy Jr, a real American hero.
While some would challenge hero status for a man who admittedly was ordered to train assassination teams for the CIA during the Vietnam War (none of which carried out a mission), no one can challenge the fact that as a triple volunteer (airborne, ranger, Special Forces), John served his country with bravery, honor and distinction. Like so many of the young men who went to Vietnam, he believed in his country and what he had been taught was the rightness of its mission in the world. But this is also the story of John's disillusionment and of his painful awakening, which came at the cost of wife, family and friends. It is a story about how he stood alone, at a crucial moment, as his country broke its word to him and refused to capitulate as he saw that the moral leadership of those who gave him orders was an empty house of cards. ---
Mike Ruppert, 7/14/98

John McCarthy is a good man, and a patriot...and his mission now is to save others from whta he has himself experienced....please scope his website!!
Jimi Pocius

My Bud and fellow Muso JoNeckbone'sRunning With Scissors

My Friend (WONPR President) Cher's Sites...


Through The Eyes Of A Dying Nation

Pray For Peace


American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform

Online Gambling, anyone ? (Billy F.)

Jesse McFarland's Site

Looking to get Hitched? George P's CanaChapel.com is a great place to do it...

This is a STELLAR Blues Rock Band:The Patriot Act....Thanks to Col Tom S.

Prohibition is retarded....A Drug War Carol ...thanks to Susan S.

Mike "Tube Guru" Bloomer's sites...

My blog....Pictures of my amps and vacations, some writings

My Broad Jam site....The most mainstream

My Song Planet site

Agitprop Excrement...seditious and obscene music

Plastic Money... My band in the '80s post punk psychedelic

Jeff White's Electric Tigrrr ....very cool slambience!!

Electric Tigrrr Samples..

from Kay Lee

My site isn't about any music but prison blues, but I'd like a link on your site to Making The Walls TransparentMaking The Walls Transparent

Stoner Rock Chick Dee's stonerrockchick.com

So....Think you're man or woman enough? Do You Rock? The ONE and only CYNTHIA PLASTER CASTER!!! ....all i can say is her site is killer, but BOY, you better ROCK!!

Some Douche has been stalking a friend...here is Her Side Of The Story...

Tired of Politicians selling YOU out for their corporate stooge buds? Try The Revolutionary Coalition... Hey, it worked in 1776

Also check The Revolutionary Coalition.org ...hey man, your freedom is at stake...what are ya gonna DO about it?

My BROTHER N.C.'s MOST excellent Liberty Is Not Free yahoo group....NOTE:..FUCK yahoo...I will not use their service...feel free to write me and ask why...

Sick of PROHIBITION making thieves out of your Neighbors? Sick of Cops being killed in the line of duty over ROPE? Sick of the Constitution being belabored by idiots and infidels? Join Us at CPOP , won't you?

A few sites from John P. www.jbs.org





From Share...SKUNKS Scentral



www.ScratchnSniffPublishing.com ..we have a photo contest going on currently)


My Bro Homer (Mike Gahan) is a certified hypnotherapist, a musician and a biker to boot...if hypnosis is something that may help ya in some way, scope out his site here:


A Most EXCELLENT Songstress, My Dear Friend D.J. Jill No Jack

One of My Fav Songwriters,(very Zappa-esque at times) Marcus Goodwin

Are YOU ready to Rock? AVALANCHE was the HOTTEST rock Band in CT back in the Late 70's, with some amazing songs...after a 27 year hiatus, they are BACK, you GOTTA check these guys out!!!
Michael Foster and AVALANCHE!


Jesse M.'s most excellent Wake Up, America!!

Vanessa's Revolutionary Coalition News Chat

To JOIN the Revolutionary Coalition News Chat (Non Religious, please keep it so..)

Gerry Donaldson's Most EXCELLENT Awaken America ...we CAN all work for the peace our founders died for...

Yusef Islam's Page (most folks know Yusef as Cat Stevens)

GrannyD. Doris Haddock, otherwise known as Doris "Granny D" Haddock, is the 93 year old activist who walked across the U.S. in 2000 to call attention to the corruption of Big Money in our political system. She presented her speech at the International Women's Day Peace March and Rally in Washington, DC Saturday, March 8, 2003. Her website presents an action plan to move forward.

www.Swingstate.org ..."Here is what you and I must do. We must arrange to vote by absentee ballot in the general election, so that we can go to the swing states and work to get out the vote on election day. I will do that, will you?"...Granny D.

Jim Corliss' EXCELLENT DIY resource Page

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The Louis Farakhan African Name Generator "Throw off the Shackles of the White man's name, oh my brothers......" Heh heh heh....

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