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Jimi Pocius

Click The Picture To Get Your Own Copy of Jimi's AmblyopiA Volumes 1 & 2

Voodoo Justice...Alias..
A FAR better Choice!!!Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk!!

Grandpa Steve

Michael Foster...AVALANCHE! Himself
My Brother, Jay

Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze, My Friend Wally Greaney

Childhood Playmates...
Pedalboard of Death!!!
Details of Luetta, my 66 Gibson Firebird
The MOST spectacular woman in the world...my Partner Joobs..
My Brother Michael Foster and his Marshalls...Click to visit  Avalanche's Site at Songplanet
Fuck Me, when did  I get so fucking old?!?!?!
Jimi Pocius Band Bassist/Vocalist Walt Albert
Me, as seen by Bob Beck
Etta, seen from the headstock
Jimi's fractal art..
More Fractal Art
Songwriting Partner Tim Stanton Sullivan
Avalanche , Revisited..
Click to visit my friend DJ Jill No Jack
my desktop...what a fuckin mess!!!
my Bro, Homer
push the big button on the front...yah, that one...
Joobs and Nikki
Walt Albert Onstage at the GreenLeaf Cafe
Another Fractal
promo bullshit...
Almost Nasty Axe...Joe Rivera,Marty Robinson, and Al Pelegrino, as the band Franklin...Mark Roth on the White Les Paul..
old SH promo
Governor Rowland's New Job...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
My Dear departed friend, Blues Legend Kennard Johnson, taken on his last tour..
Blues legend Kennard Johnson
RIP, Kenny J.....I miss ya dude, and will forever love you my brother...
Hey, Right Wing Neonazis!!! This one's for you!!

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