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Jimi Pocius

Click here to hear SmokinHerb Dave and Jimi, SH Live in Ashford CT Dean and Jimi Manic Depression has Captured My Soul...Smokin Herb plays Hendrix And, YES, i DO mean it!! 66 Gibson Firebird...what Etta USED to look like... Pink live with Jay Turser 134dc Like it CSPAN someday to see these evil bastards in action... WHY i played guitar...Glen Buxton, Alice Cooper (not the ACB, the REAL Band)
Mark SH fisheye Fun With Irfanview example 1 Fun With Irfanview example  2 Fun With Irfanview example 3 Fun With Irfanview example 4 Fun With Irfanview example 5 Fun With Irfanview example 6 Fun With Irfanview example 7 Fun With Irfanview example 8 Fun With Irfanview example 9 MARSHALL AMP wallpaper...tile it... Fokker Triplane, Olde Rhinebeck Aerodrome...Pilot Cole Palen Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't.....oh yah? Really?
BULLSHIT. God's Candidate....if god is Baal... G. Dubya (Anti)Christ.... gotta light, dude? Holy that Rumsfield there with Saddam? WTF?!?!?...yep, the previous bushits made him, and OBL, too.. Don't Be one....VOTE!!! Self Explanatory Was This Iraqi Child a TERRORIST, oh Butcher Of Baghdad Bush??? Shut The Fuck Up!!! Dubya when Daddy was the Naked Emperor...thanks to Larry Flint The Tube Guru Ronnie finally gets it right... You can almost hear them...huh huh...heh hehheh...ugh huh huh... Arafat gets a rude awakening... Avatar Live, 1990 Four reasons!! The fine print says it all... Pink and Joobs NWO...coming to you from BushCo....(a subsidiary of Halliburton) the LAST (?) Smokin' Herb promo pic... Happier Times Even a Kid can figure out something's wrong...and what.. too believable.... Jimi Promo Me and Etta...pixel manipulations by Bob Beck Rev. Dr. DSM's Rides Pencil by PhotoFiltre...Freeware!! Me, as seen by Bob Beck Smokin' Herb, Mach II Me and T. Gutz Renaud, The Horsefull Carriage, 1980 Pete Reilly and Jimi, Sneakers, Ashford, CT AmblyopiA CD cover Jimi Live the ORIGINAL Avalanche... Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day... If ya watch long enough, the truth is always evident The Painful Truth behind Neoconservatism... CPOP.ORG Seen This Yet? Hows about THIS one?
G Dubya , Antichrist Think the RIAA looks out for the musicians? Or their Wallets? My Avatar No NWO!!!

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