i am not worthy!!!!!!!
read this!!!

my fragile eggshell mind just checked out, i think...
thanks to everyone for the kind words!!

Jimi Pocius


Review by Slarou ,
posted at http://indiehitz.net

My second review is for Jimi Pocius.Shame on me...so late

Posted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:31 am

Post subject: My second review is for Jimi Pocius.Shame on me...so late


Will be my next victim because he is the artist have been impressed me since 2 weeks and...among many I listen to. I do not know him enough to talk about him with some wise words but a thing I can say RIGHT NOW is....THIS artist have this charisma to hypnotyse anybody in the world.HE is just so natural and cool...I wanna know him more and write what I think about him..thats it.

I am sure I will not success to describe my thoughts and ...worst...will be not be able to paint you a picture of who this artist is and about...but....I just wish my admiration and my my feeling will give you this same impression I have. This Jimi is a famous unknown artist that the world miss to know.

He is simply genious and so humbly..It is this frustration motivated me to write about him.

I know I have no major impact but I know I can write about a passion I have.

Passion mixed with a good subject can make the world......better..at least ....No?


is the only song I will use to talk to you because IT is the only song on his page...WHAT the fu****!!!! who affraid him to upload some more?

I will be back...I will check if I can download some more from SP ok?

Hey man!!!! ALLLLLL songs of this artist are humbly downloadable at this place....He is a fool?
I am also one of these so...I am downloading allllll.

I have actually 9 songs from him in my POCIUS library and I will make a playlist and be back to you ok?

Ok are you ready for the craziness he gave me?

I am sure you are not...this guy is a GENIOUS man ok with a so cool soul remind me MARK from EASTON BROTHERS by his voice .

It is not few to tell ok

I am not sure I will success to give you a wise review here because his feeling really disturbe me to write actually. He sing like a hero in a greek tragedy.

You will say I am not serious but sorry...you are right...I am just playing the playlist I downloaded from elsewhere...This JIMI is a god of the nature.

ARe you listening this same playlist I have? No you do not....

I told you I will do some reviews here but I cannot do more than recommand to you what I am listening right now....THIS JIMI is a GREAT modern and classical rock guy..HE kill me actually...

My motivation to quit experimental music is here...HE rocks like a buldozer driven by a woman.

He is the future of classical rock without falling in a brit alternative recipe.

I do not care where he come from but I am affraid where he can go.

I will pay big price to see him live because of this meeting in time he create.

Clapton to coldplay without any intention to do it.

HE is a PURE rocker-blueser-singer-songwriter.

I do not wanna give him any pretention he do not give to himself but...he is the artist impressed me for 2 weeks I was looking around to find .....a pearl? ....a soul?
I found somebody was just beside that I did not have the presence to find before.

HE WAS HERE HE WILL BE HERE......I was not...I WILL BE ...since NOW.


I have the habit to give you many easy links but not now..... Find yourself and,if you do not, you will miss a so passionate musician.

Shame on you then......

BEAUTIFUL MUSIC so simply done......I LOVE IT.


PS:When music play I close my mouth.....This is why this review is just my mouth closed.



Mark Easton

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Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:28 pm Post subject:

Hey Serge, what do you want to know about my brother Jimi? He is our webmaster, my sometimes musical co-conspiritor, and all around nice guy (though a little politically MAD at times, like we all should be!). If it is ok with you, I will give him your e-mail address, and you and he can talk together more privately. Let me know. He IS something very special, yes? Always original and completely untouched and uncurrupted by current musical trends. Check out his new Blues du Jour.

Mark Easton-the Easton Brothers Band


Easton Brothers Site

Hey Bro,

holy f**kin' sh*t!!!!

Well I've got one up on Slarou, I've had the pleasure - no - the honnor to perform with you!!!!

You're the real deal man and it's always great to pop out a few tunes with you.

You're the best - have a great weekend.

Bob Lee

see maybe you should listen to ME more often...i've been telling you this for years! and i wish you could hear yourself/ see yourself thru our eyes! people like you are one in a million. You combine talent with thought and belief. dewd, i hope one day that you will recognize what the rest of us do.....you are talent, you are righteous...YOU ARE.....MUSIC!


OH YEEESSS,YOU R 2 !!!! LYNX a/k/a Lil'Nike in new yaaawwk how're they ,er,hangin'...?LOVE the Blues du Jour...where oh where can i procure some of these tracks...? Seriously,i have a little FRNs this week 4 a change;get it quick Jimmi B4 my middle concert-attending FRN devouring chyld who-knows-not- about-$$$$-not-growing-on-trees gets to it first...

I am soooooo wanting 2B,outta HERE....Damn...

I am in Retro-fit mode...


are You all doing"better"...I hope...

Great Green Blessings...Lynx

That is soooo freakin cool!!!!! Congrats brother!!!!! I bet you're happier than a puppy w/2 peters right now huh?



Do you have a cd?

I have no ipod, no speakers on this computer!!


(congrats Jimi)

Congrats...and WELL deserved!!!

I'm SO proud of my lil' bro'!



wicked cool bro, 'bout time the world begins to discover and explore the beauty of your music and your soul...you ROCK dude!

Love ya,


Ahhhh YES, Its the delicate momentary flash one gets while hearing your music. Same impression ole BK has had for many many years. and i miss not one of the hiden great in our land of vibes. Jimi we have stumbled apon the reflects. simply as humble and pissed and overamped as we are? we shine somehow in the eyes of the living. hidden in our reccesses. leaving trails of madness, never unnoticed, yet always in the background. why the background? because all the wiseones never seem to throw our titbits of insane inverted frustrated waves of pain and sweet laced magic are always somehow rolling towards fame. I am so happy and excited to read this great stuff.

more soon. hats off.

Bahama kin

hell, that's a keeper!!!!
not bad at all Jimi


All I can say is wow man!


How much that cost? lol Good Job!!!


Do you, like know this guy? Kinda funny he compares you to Easton.

Very cool dude, very cool.

James F. Koennicke



Eggshell mind MY ASS....YOU deserve it all....yep, this persons pegged ya, I have your CD in my truck....where you keep me sane more than you know ( especially with these Mississippiot, no blinker using, SOB's) that drive down here....not to mention....that your guitar playing takes me another place entirely.....and thats....in itself.....an incredulation..:))

Hey, and your bro's hot too..LOL.....you guys have the great hair gene or what, sheesh!....

Love ya, you incredible

musician,Political Genious, Mad hatter at times, nice man, good( make that the BEST) hubby YOU


Thrilling, mate!!!!





Take it all in...Hold it next to your heart, and SMILE, ya big poop....xoxoxo

I think he likes you and your music, Jimi.

Good review.

-- Hugs,


Wow how did you even find the review? That's great. See I told you.

Love ya,


Well golly - I went to your song site and listened to Black Heart Cold Steel. You definitely have a good voice!! I am very impressed!! I`m saving your site so I can listen to more of your album. I saw what looked like some political statements were in some of the songs. CCR, the Who and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young were good at that. "Ohio" has got to be one of the best I`ve ever heard because it was more than just political. This war in Iraq is no different than Nam and if they reinstate the draft, hang on to the seat of your britches cause it aint goin` to be much fun. Keep on singing cause you`re good at it.


He sure is wowed with your stuff , as he should be. I wasn't kidding when I said that instrumental you played for me last week was GREAT ! It really would make a great movie soundtrack, or????


Thanks for the links. I got to listen to Black Heart/Cold Steel tonight, and I was REALLLLLY impressed!! And I'm not easy to impress!! I'm going to check out all the rest ASAP. I'm about to fall asleep at the computer now, so it must be time for beddie-bye. lol

high jimi, wow...an awesome, and well deserved review, my friend! i am so happy for you...you and julie have been going through so much. how is she? better, i hope...
take good care & keep rockin!

Yeah we bad..... We Nationwide....

When you're good , you're good and your music is good....give yourself some credit and go for it, Bro. I hope everything is OK on the homefront and Julie is doing better, I'm still sending out mega-doses of healing vibes for Y'all. Have a great weekend dude....

Hey Jimi. Just listened to some tunes of yourn. Neat !! You're a damn good lead guitar.
Also Audacity..... hmm, I'm gonna try it. OOM = Free. yuppers.

Of course you're worthy! DUUH!
(I may be, but my ego sure ain't!!!!...Pink Note)

Just doing fine here, man. As always, still trapped by loads of work. Anyway, this one's good! Great review! At last, the world has noticed how brilliant you really are. I'm happy for you. Just don't forget us when you make it to the top, brother. ;)

Amazing sounds like you have struck a resonant chord within this guy! You do have great music and a traditional Rock sound, I favor your complex political lyrics.
I hope your family is well.

I have given your CD many "Listens"... and this is what "I" Think!
First, let me say that I am not an "Accomplished Musician". Nor am I a "Technical Expert" as far as Audio and Studio Engineering is concerned. So... my "Opinion" is just that... an Opinion... and should be taken as such. I "Am" though a damn good Existential Psychologist... and "Paradigms" (Natural and Constructed) are a relevant concern here...
My first "Impression" when listening to your Music was that it was a little "Muddy". Not so much that it would be considered Amateur... but just enough to keep it from a higher level of accomplishment (both in actuality and perception). Of course, I have the feeling that this is part of your "Style"... that to some extent is intentional. It gave me a "feeling" of 60s "floating" that was characteristic of that era of music. To that extent...there was a sense of "pulling" me (the listener) into a "Head Trip" (ya know what I mean). Kept thinking... sure wish I had some good Ganja to heighten my sensory abilities! But then again... that would be an entirely "different" evaluation.
I understand that the Technical Aspects of Mixing and Mastering and Studio Engineering is "partly to blame" for a certain degree of "lack of quality" in Production... and would obviously make an impact on my Perception of "Muddy" in Your Recording... but, don't let that fact take away from my basic criticism.
I was very impressed with your "Vocal" qualities and abilities... although I felt that you were "holding back" to some extent... perhaps trying to "control" the Musical Expression too much and not the Emotional Expression. You are proficient enough Musically to "forget" about your Instrument... and let it become a Subconscious Reaction to your Essential Expression. From an Existential State of Being... I think that there is still another "Level" of Soul and Self Actualization that you need to "get to". Now we are getting "Personal" though! But then again... the ability and willingness to Be Personal with Our Music is what distinguishes the "Art" in the Artist. Proficiency alone will not separate you from the "Crowd". It will not be enough to make you stand out as a Star in the Darkness of The Night. A little Poetic Comment there...
As far as "Potential" goes Jimi... I both think and feel you have the Natural Ability and Proficiency and Perceptions to be at the very Top of your Genre. There is No "Limiting" Artistic Reason that would prevent you from being a Leader and "Star" in todays world. Of course, there are all those "Pragmatic" barriers... and of course our own Fear of Failure (and Success). But the important thing that I want to Emphasize to you is that... "You have The Talent and Capacity" to be a Recognized Star! Having "Something to Say" is also an important part of making Socially Significant and Meaningful Music... and you have that capability also. Your "Life Experience" and Soul Willfulness is taking form... and your Time is Right. Go for it man... with all Your Being. The Courage and Opportunities will come with Action. But then again... you know that don't you? Just keep letting Your Heart guide the way... and keep that "Ego" stashed in a nice safe place.
I do have some "Suggestions" for you... from My Perspective... that are intended to help "Separate" you from the "Common Category" that you are Somewhat a Product of. Not that being "Responsive" and Imitative of Great Music and Persons like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd is or was and Error... to the contrary. But, the Evolution of "You" and "Your Music" is (in your Life Story) the primary objective now. Continue to "Ride" their Rivers and Currents... but Create Your Own River!
First, become thoroughly familiar with... and then Musically "Imitate" Robert Palmer. I would recommend his "The Very Best of Robert Palmer" CD. In particular... concentrate on the songs "Addicted to Love", "Bad Case of Loving You" and "Simply Irresistible". The Individual Qualities of each song that are important are "Addicted... (Restraint)"... "Bad... (Drive)"... "Simply... (Erotic).
Understand Jimi... the capacity to Perceptual Interpret (accurately) and then Replicate other Artists Musicians Music is a "Rare" ability (let me repeat that... "RARE"). Combine that with your ability to both Proficiently and Creatively Write (Lyrics and Music) and then Express "Essence" in Musical Form makes You in Affect and Effect... RARE! Know that and be Confident of that Fact.
You need "tweaking" though... and it is hard for you to see it because it is an "Objective" insight and you are "Subjective" in your Perceptions of Your Self and Your Music. That is why you need Great Minds like Mine to help Guide you along Your Way. Remember... I warned you about that "Ego" thingy!
By successfully encorporating "Robert" into The Mixture of your "Learned Style"... I can guarantee the "Muddyness" (my perception) of Your Music will disappear. If that is a Style that you do not want to part with... I hope that you will seriously consider acquiring an "alternative style" that you can use to create more diversity in the Musical Selection of Your Performances and subsequent CDs. Be more of a "Roller Coaster"... to not only bring more Depth to Your Music Expression... but also to keep your Listeners Interest and Attention.
Also, I strongly suggest that you turn up the "Percussion" strength (Volume and Emphasis) in your Group's Musical Expression. Almost all Musicians make the mistake of seeing Percussion as a "Platform" that "backs and supports" String Instruments. Optimally, all the Instruments "Blend" into a Mutual Chemical Reaction that accents both "Oneness" and "Separateness"... but the Prominence (from the Listeners Perspective) should be Percussion, Vocals and Lead Guitar (when relevant). "Rhythm Guitar" is the Water that "Floats The Boat"... not Steers it. Of course, what the Fuck would you expect from a Fruggen Drummer!
Over all... I am very Impressed with Your Music and Potential. I personally would like to hear more "Rock" in Your "Roll"... but that is just me. While "Danceability" is an important part of "Circuit Performance"... and Your Music does have a good "Flow and Tempo" for Dancing... to me it lacks an Emphatic Sense of Erotica that I think is The Essence of Rock. And "That" is what has been lost and is aching to be Regained in Expressive Music Today. Look at what Gretchen Wilson is doing for Country Music... she is putting the "Erotica" (the Core of Rock & Roll) back into Conventional Music. Her rapid "Rise" is a result of an Essential Craving for "Down to Earth" Honest Sensuality and Primal Rhythm. You may be thinking... but where is the Sophistication... where is The Message? You may also be thinking... but that is not my "Style" or Orientation? But I say Jimi... make em "Cream"... then make em "Dream"... then make em "Think". "Essential Being" and its Expression "Flows" on The Current of Primal Rhythm. Become a "Reflection" of Hendrix (Erotic Virtuosity) and Floyd (Mind Adventure and Awareness) and Palmer (Physical Erotica)... and you will have a Cathartic Cake that will Feed The Masses and Satiate The Hunger of The Essentially and Erotically Starved! There I go with Poetic Verse again! Don't ya just Love it???
Pink Note....say WHAT?!?!?!?!
Robert PALMER?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Be a Fucken Star Jimi... Ya Got What it Takes!!!
Your Bud,

I definitely like the big guitar part - nice solo man

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